Take action

Time to put your ideas into action! How can you lead change in your community?

There are different ways to lead change in a community. Everyday individual actions can have an impact, like using more inclusive language, calling out racist behavior, supporting family and friends to be who they are. There are also collective actions that you can partake in, with other young people and community members.

There are many tactics you can use to achieve the change you want to see! Using tactics that are linked to your strengths and passions is a great way to keep you motivated. Which of the tactics below will help you achieve change in your community?

Art: graffiti, theatre, music, poetry

AV (Audio Visual): film, cellphilms, photo, podcast

Print: brochures, posters, zines

Digital: blogs, vlogs, social media, video games

Events: sports tournament, youth forum, community bbq, photo exhibit, conferences

Workshops: trainings, teach-ins, skill sharing

Campaigns: petitions, media campaign, canvassing

Mentorship: role models, youth mentors, intergenerational mentoring

Alliances: rallying allies, networks, meeting with key actors

What's your idea of an inclusive community?

Ask yourself some of the key questions below and check out some of the tools to help you to take action in your community. Find examples and ideas for building more inclusive, diverse, rights-respecting communities by searching by topic or tactic. Share your action with others!

When implementing your project, think about...

What’s the specific change you want to see?

How can you use your strengths and passions to make a difference on an issue you have identified? What additional resources (time, people, materials) do you have to help make it happen?

How can you shape your community by engaging in dialogue with key actors on the issue?

How can you collaborate with other people, groups, and organizations? How can you get other community members and decision-makers on board? How can you amplify your message and ensure youth voices are heard?


Looking for examples from Youth Changemakers?

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