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  • The Mocassin Identifier Project

    The 'Mocassin Identifier' is a project that creates educational toolkits to help educators teach and learn about Indigenous treaties, territories and history alongside their students with the aim of distributing these toolkits in educational settings. These toolkits are designed for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8, and includes learning goals and activities that take place over several days. The objectives of the Moccasin Identifier Project include the education of youth on Indigenous history and issues, the promotion of public awareness on the topic, and the creation of a network of knowledge.

  • International Women's Day Activity 2020

    How do women and girls participate in YOUR community? Explore the diverse ways that women and girls participate and lead with youth you work with with this activity!
  • Draw me a Right

    Education is a human right! In honor of International Day of Education, Equitas is sharing a youth friendly activity for learning about human rights!
  • Supporting Refugee Children and Youth

    What can you do to support refugee children and youth? Check out this resource sheet!
  • Barr-Baher- Activity for Children

    To highlight International Migrants Day, we are sharing an activity from one of our action guides for building more welcoming and inclusive spaces for refugees and newcomers!

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