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    Peace Day 2020

    Learn more about how Equitas will celebrate Peace Day 2020, and how you can participate with us!
    • #Rights and responsibilities

    Prioritising People Over Profit During COVID-19

    A lot of Canadian public money is being invested in research to mitigate and/or cure COVID-19, so let's make sure the public is the one benefitting from this research!

    Diversity Zigzag

    A physically distant activity to experience sharing our values and to think about how we are different but equal, and why it is important to respect differences.

    The Race Against Anger

    An activity to experience teamwork in a safe, physically-distant manner while thinking about how we can deal with anger, and how we can resolve problems peacefully.


    A physically distant activity to consider how children and youth with disabilities may experience the world and to think about how we can help keep each other safe through working together.
    • #Environment

    Top 5 Tips for Living Greener and Safer During COVID-19

    Equitas is offering 5 top tips to help you continue to take care of yourself during this time of COVID-19 while also taking care of our planet during this climate crisis!

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