COVID 19 - Let's stick together

As many of our partners try to adjust to working remotely during the shut-down of services, Equitas has put together a few resources to help organizations out in this process.

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  • Facilitating in a Virtual World - Come and join us on May 21st at 3:30 pm EST to discuss effective virtual facilitation for youth! This workshop will be in English. Please click here to register.

Stay tuned for more workshops that will be offered in the upcoming weeks! To consult past events, click here.

Resources and tips

  • Shared Resources for Youth Workers: Find lots of resources to support the work of youth workers on various matters, such as funding, help lines, activities to play online, cyber-security, etc. It's a shared document, so please add to it!
  • Top 10 Online Facilitation Tips: Facilitating in a virtual world is new for lots of us and it might even be scary! Equitas came up with 10 top tips to help you face this challenge.

Virtual Activities

Activities that can be facilitated in an online meeting:

  • Quarantine BINGO: 9+ Play this adapted version of the classic BINGO to encourage children and youth in sharing the activities that keep them busy during social isolation.
  • Human rights quiz: 12+ Do this quiz to develop knowledge of and discuss human rights.
  • Quarantine Brick by Brick: 8+ Play this adapted version to encourage youth to think about how they are overcoming challenges during quarantine.
  • 4 Corners: 6+ Learn to know each other, encourage children and youth to share personal interests or create random teams quickly by playing this game.
  • My Quarantine Lifeline: 12+ Do this modified version to encourage youth to think of their goals after this difficult time.
  • Where I live: 8+ Do this modified version to encourage youth think about respect for rights and responsibilities in the community

Activities that can be done individually or with members of your household:

  • Quarantine Zine: 8+ Create a fun zine to share what are the activities you are enjoying while staying at home/physically distancing.
  • Draw me a Right!: 6+ Play this fun version of Pictionnary while also learning more about your human rights.