COVID 19 - Let's stick together

As many of our partners try to adjust to working with children and youth during COVID, Equitas has put together a few resources to help organizations out in this process.

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Resources and tips

  • Shared Resources for Youth Workers: Find lots of resources to support the work of youth workers on various matters, such as funding, help lines, activities to play online, cyber-security, etc. It's a shared document, so please add to it!
  • Top 10 Online Facilitation Tips: Facilitating in a virtual world is new for lots of us and it might even be scary! Equitas came up with 10 top tips to help you face this challenge. Click here for the Arabic version.
  • Tips for Facilitating at a Physical Distance: Facilitating at a distance is new for everyone, which is why Equitas created this tip sheet to help you be the best facilitator at a physical distance that you can be!

Activities during COVID

Activities that respect physical distancing and can be done individually, with members of your household or in groups:

  • Quarantine Zine: 8+ Create a fun zine to share what are the activities you are enjoying while staying at home/physically distancing.
  • Draw me a Right!: 6+ Play this fun version of Pictionnary while also learning more about your human rights.
  • 2 Meters Later: 6+ Get to know each other while practicing your physically distant communication skills.
  • I Have The Right To...: 6+ Play an active game while learning to define and discuss human rights, all the while maintaining your physical distance!
  • One Or The Other: 3+ Play an active game while learning why inclusion is important and how to talk about it.
  • The Welcome Tree: 12+ Think of solutions to build more inclusive and welcome communities for newcomer and refugee youth from a safe physical distance.
  • Airplane!: 6+ To consider how children and youth with disabilities may experience the world and to think about how we can help keep each other safe through working together.
  • Diversity Zig Zag: 11+ To experience in a physically distant setting sharing our values and to think about how we are different but equal, and why it is important to respect differences.
  • The Race Against Anger: 9+ An activity to experience teamwork in a safe, physically-distant manner while thinking about how we can deal with anger, and how we can resolve problems peacefully.

Activities that can be facilitated in an online meeting:

  • Quarantine BINGO: 9+ Play this adapted version of the classic BINGO to encourage children and youth in sharing the activities that keep them busy during social isolation.
  • Human rights quiz: 12+ Do this quiz to develop knowledge of and discuss human rights.
  • Quarantine Brick by Brick: 8+ Play this adapted version to encourage youth to think about how they are overcoming challenges during quarantine.
  • 4 Corners: 6+ Learn to know each other, encourage children and youth to share personal interests or create random teams quickly by playing this game.
  • My Quarantine Lifeline: 12+ Do this modified version to encourage youth to think of their goals after this difficult time.
  • Where I live: 8+ Do this modified version to encourage youth think about respect for rights and responsibilities in the community
  • What are you feeling: Do this activity in order to explore expressing emotions and to building empathy in the group online.
  • How Violent?: Do this activity to explore how violence and discrimination, their manifestations and consequences during the pandemic.