Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Center Society

Living Library & Youth Lead Trainings and Workshops

We feel our community does not have enough inclusive spaces where people of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences can express themselves, have the chance to be heard, and the chance to be understood and accepted. To address this, this CAP will a living library, where you can experience firsthand accounts of adventure, adversity, and tales from around the world. Our human “books” will include representatives from different cultures, professions, and marginalized groups within the Victoria community, along with artists, the local municipality, and media outlets. The aim of this event is to create a safe, inclusive space to break down stereotypes and dismantle prejudices through the power of human connection. We then plan to take this project a step further by facilitating training sessions for youth groups in the community such as the City of Victoria Youth Council as well as the Leadership Programs at Reynolds High School and Victoria High School. We will prepare materials for these workshops including a video that showcases our living library event and guidebooks on how they can host a living library themselves.