The 519 - Mic Drop 2019


Mic Drop is a community action project organized by a collective of resilient youth, with the support of The 519. It is a one-day, youth-led skills-based conference on social justice and activism. This year, the first-ever Mic Drop took place on January 11th, 2019. High School students and teachers were invited to attend conversations and workshops on topics which included, but were not limited to:

• Defining Social Justice • Building Consent Culture • How to Support Survivors • LGBTQ2S+ Inclusivity • Know Your (Human) Rights • Community Organizing • Activism Across Generations • Self-Care

All workshops are facilitated by high school students and/or community organizations.

Over 150 students and teachers attended the event --many of whom articulated feeling affirmed, empowered and ready to create change within their own communities.


Mic Drop originally began in response to Ontario's decision to repeal the 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum. In the summer of 2018, youth, families, advocates and organizations came together to articulate the negative impact of removal current, comprehensive and LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education from the curriculum. A collective of youth noticed the desire amongst youth to organize around issues pertaining to the Health and Physical Education, and also, the need for more skills. They saw youth wanting and willing to advocate for human rights, LGBTQ2S+ inclusivity, consent education and current sex education --and they wanted to foster this. As such, a collective of high school students came together to create Mic Drop, a space that would nourish the activist spirit through skills-training and knowledge-sharing.


Mic Drop was primarily organized by a collective of young activists --some of whom were independent and some of whom were part of groups, such as We Give Consent, March for Our Education and Not Just Rumours --and The 519. Other organizations who collaborated to make this event happen included: CANVAS, BOOST Child & Youth Advocacy Centre, Bad Subject, Ryerson University's Consent Comes First, and Canadian Roots Exchange. We are also grateful to Equitas for funding and supporting this community action project.