Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba  (IRCOM)

About us

The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba works with newcomer families to help them transition into life in Canada. As part of our mandate, we provide programming for newcomer youth, ranging from educational programming to help them with school, to informative programming to train them in job searching and leisurely programming. One of the programming we provide is leadership program. The leadership program came up with the idea for our community action project and planned the two day event.

Building Bridges Youth Conference

The project seeks to bring Indigenous youth and newcomer youth together to discuss the divide between the two populations and ways to work towards improving relations. Many of our youth have experienced hateful words from Indigenous youth and we believe that Indigenous youth also face the same from newcomer youth. It will provide youth with a platform to discuss the issues and come up with solutions together. Hopefully the youth will walk away from the conference feeling more encouraged to build bridges and share the knowledge with their peers.

Building Bridges Youth Conference Poster