Graffiti Art Programming

About US

Graffiti Art Programming Inc., known as GAP Inc. or The Graffiti Gallery, is a not-for-profit community youth art centre, using art as a tool for community, social, economic and individual growth. It is the only one of its kind in North America for artists of all ages and genres from traditional art, to urban and performance art - including hip hop, art, graffiti art and street art. Graffiti Art Programming Inc. is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Our Mission

Graffiti Art Programming is dedicated to celebrating the many roles the arts play in the lives of all manitobans and is committed to enhancing the cultural well-being of communities and neighbourhoods.

Committed To

The promotion of youth art as its own genre

Providing a place where young artists can take creative risks

Young artists who are working outside institutional expectations

Promoting early stage developmental benefits of art programming for youth

Neighborhood beautification and community development through public art

Free art lessons to young people who cannot afford high tuitions and supply costs

Fostering a sense of creative cooperation and self healing

Race And Gender Equality In The Music Industry

We want to educate both youth and the public at large on the inequalities of race and gender in the music industry. Through panels and workshops linking activists with youth for education and discussion purposes we will create social media campaigns and event(s) to bring communities together. We hope our project leads to policy changes in our program, as well as policies and practices at local festivals and music based centres to create safer spaces for all youth to be participate.

Here is our CAP 2017/2018!

We welcome you to Studio 393's Live Stream Podcast Promoting Race and Gender Equality In The Music Industry as apart of the Equitas Speaking Rights Program! Have a watch, share and interact with our show streaming live from Graffiti Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Follow us @studio_393 for more info!

Over the past 3 months we have been prepping, shaping and molding what our live stream will be. Everything from activism podcast to music with Adeline Bird and Roger Boyer to writing workshops and cultural digital media design. Essentially we have put together one of are most truthful pieces we could’ve dreamed of!

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