Surrey Community-Schools Partnership

Surrey Schools Girls Group: We are Changemakers

About Us

Surrey Schools Girls Group is a collective of vibrant high school students in Surrey, BC who are ready to make a change in their community. These young leaders unite every week to work towards making a positive mark on the world.

Girls Group CAP

Young women need a sense of belonging to feel safe and thrive in their community. When we include one another and understand each other we can avoid gang affiliation and violence in relationships. Through this project, we hope to address violence and discrimination in the community by providing peer mentorship to teach others about the issue and holding a conference/workshop for students in our school to build community.

Our Mission

The Surrey Schools Girls Group is excited to make an impact in the community by helping to promote healthy relationships. Our goal is to addresses violence and discrimination in our school community. We are moving to help foster a sense of belonging and a feeling of safety in our community.