Centre filles YWCA Québec

YWCA Québec

Le Centre Filles of the YWCA Québec has a mission to offer activities accessible to girls 10+ in the region of Québec. All their programs have the goal of highlighting the strength of girls, and giving them the tool to develop their leadership capabilities, self-esteem, critical thinking skills, decision-making abilities, and lastly to provide them with healthy relationships. In their educational approach the Centre Filles believes that girls are the experts of their own lives and so the programme is facilitated in a way that it gives the girls a voice first and foremost.

Check out their website to learn more about the Centre Filles programs for girls!

Les comités filles of YWCA Québec

Les comités filles believes that girls are capable of changing the world for the better. This is why they have created the Girls Committee (les comités filles) - spaces specifically designed for the girls where the girls can discover their strength, develop their critical thinking, discover their voice, and engage in their community. Today, these girls reflect on the changees that they would like to see in the world and they develop Community Action Projects on issues that matter to them.

Throughout the year, the groups follow the different steps that lead towards the realisation of their project. They also participate in workshops on subjects of their choice - including, but certainly not limited to, healthy relationships, the prevention of violence, mental health, identity, diversity, and feminism.

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