City of Toronto 21-15 Youth Group

About Us

The 21-15 Family group is a collaboration of different youth from two different neighborhoods coming together to make a change. 21 comes from the 1021 Birchmount Road building and 15 comes from the Canlish road housing complex. The 21-15 family are dedicated to making meaningful change in these neighborhoods. Some of the main focuses the group is dedicated to is to ensure better quality of life, understanding and future for these particular youth and future generations.

21-15 We Care

The 21-15 youth group is made of young people from two different Toronto Housing communities 1021 Birchmount Road and 15 Canlish. We are a voice for youth living in challenging situations and those most vulnerable to violence and crime.

The We Care project was a project created to address the needs of marginalized young parents and give them a chance to have equal access to resources during and after pregnancy. We felt like young parents need more to be confident, successful parents. We also felt like some of their babies weren't getting everything they needed and wanted the babies to have more positive, happy environments.

We Care focused on giving local youth with parenting skills and experience (through school or self-taught) a chance to come back to their community to teach the skills they have learned in their lives with a youth friendly delivery. This gives youth a chance to learn from each other in an "each one teach one" way.

Our project addressed issues related to gender equality as it was focused on both young moms and dads. We felt like sometimes resources created for young parents focused on moms and we wanted to bring awareness to what dads are feeling and facing. We believe all genders need to be heard and have valuable opinions.

This project brought together vulnerable youth to talk about issues and is giving young parents hope again. The decision makers we delivered our project to, were very interested in hearing more. It is the change we wanted to see.

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