Love in Indigenous Languages

February 16, 2021

Boozhoo / Kwe' / Pialli !

What does love mean to you? Where does it originate?

We have invited various youth across Tkaronto (and Ontario!) to contribute to the zine in order to define love during COVID. This pandemic has affected how we view our relationships and how we address our personal relations with our relatives (whether they are human or not). We wanted to provide the space and platform for Indigenous-identifying youth to share their artwork and ideas on what "love" means, whether it is self-love, familial love, love between a partner, and even pets!

Although the pandemic may hinder our ability to physically come together, this virtual space allows us to communicate and share our ideas at the click of a button. We hope to establish a safe space where new and upcoming artists can develop new connections and community, no matter where they are located. Love is one of the core Grandfather teachings and should be venerated and remembered as we grow and build new relations with one another.

What does love mean, and look like to you?

Miigwetch / Wela'lin / Tlazohcamati

Love in Indigenous Languages