Peace Day 2020

September 14, 2020

Equitas is excited to announce our participation in the 6th edition of the Peace Network for Social Harmony's Peace Days!

On September 17th, within the context of our participation in Peace Days, we will be launching an activity for children aged 6-12 called 'Postcards to Parliament for Peace'. This activity uses a children's rights based approach (CRBA), which is an approach to working with children directly focused on promoting, protecting, and fulfilling children's human rights. One of these rights, as was declared in Article 12 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, is children having the right to express themselves and be heard, which includes adults taking children’s ideas into consideration.

Here are two ways for you to learn more about and get involve with this 'Postcards to Parliament for Peace' activity from anywhere in Canada!

  1. You can catch our LIVE Instagram demonstration of the activity at 1pm (EST time) on our Instagram account @speakingrightsequitas.
  2. You can click here anytime to get a detailed description of the activity, including activity instructions and a ready-made postcard template to print. You can also share this link with others to raise awareness of Peace Day and how to support the rights of children!