Chillaxin CAP workshop launch in Lillooet

January 13, 2020

At 4 o'clock we welcomed and greeted everyone at the Chillaxin Youth Centre, we sang a welcome song with our drums. then introduced ourselves and explained why we were doing the project, Then we did an icebreaker and introduced everyone's names, We also went over the guidelines and the guest speaker spoke about the different types of energies. We also brainstormed many community action project ideas from participants and created a large chart as a reference.

Then we all ate dinner and everyone filled out a survey about recycling which we created. Prizes were given to those who brought a friend. And we sang happy birthday to one of our volunteers.

To end it, we all took turns saying something we liked about the project and one thing we learned.

preparing for our first CAP workshop!

Youth Changemakers preparing workshop activity to motivate teens!
Multi discipline Green energy architect, Martin Pennels helped us explore 'What is Energy?'

Dinner with participants and guest speakers

wonderful meal was served during our dinner break
Activity to explore 'What is a Community Action Project?'
Interactive lesson on various kinds of energy