Lillooet CAP #5

February 20, 2020

On February 13th we held our 5th CAP climate action teen series workshop.

We started with a St'at'imc welcome song with our hand drums before moving on to the ice breakers. Our first ice breaker was 'what do I do when I first wake up' then the second one called '7UP' in a group circle.

We used a donated mannequin for those participating to decorate with (clean) trash to create a sculpture which was then named "RECYCLOPS" by the youth .

We've decided on doing a community clean up WORK BEE as our finale project so we decorated flyers with more garbage: we had a table set up with craft supplies, paints and collection of trash.

We had our creative mentors, Jason and Brendan interview people about recycling and document the CAP.

For dinner, we had "make your own" tacos/wraps with soup.

During the sharing circle, everyone commented on "What did I like?" "What did I learn from today?"