Equitas Staff for Gender Equality!

September 17, 2020

At Equitas, gender equality is not just a central part of our programming, it is also an important value that our employees embody.

For gender equality week, discover the story of Nadjet Bouda, an inspiring woman who works with Equitas as Senior Program Officer for the Middle East and North Africa region. After having overcome many personal and professional obstacles, she now draws on her multi-faceted experiences to develop strategic relationships with partners, contribute to design training content, and supports Equitas’ education program alumni to lead projects in their own countries.

Nadjet is a woman, Algerian, Canadian, Muslim, activist, educator, poet, social change leader and feminist. Her confidence in the power of people to change our world for the better is inspiring and just like her, we believe that everyone has a role to play to promote gender equality and human rights.

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