What did you youth leaders and youth workers say about Community Action Projects?

August 7, 2020

For the past week, Equitas has hosted a Virtual Celebration to highlight the great successes of the Community Action Projects of 2019-2020 that were created by youth, led by youth, and for youth. But what do those who participated in these projects think?

These Community Action Projects (CAPs) took place in many communities across Canada, and so together truly have a national impact! Below is a map showing the various locations of the CAPs - the locations are shown with green dots:

However, it is not just the amount of CAPs that made these projects so successful and impactful. These projects were especially impactful because of how they affected the Youth Changemakers who led them. Through this process these youths became community leaders, learned how to organise community projects, and allowed their community members to fulfil their rights. This is knowledge and skills that they will keep for a long time! This means that the projects not only had a national impact, but that they also had a long-lasting impact.

Here are some quotes that demonstrate what youth workers and youth leaders have to say about this experience, including the impact that it had on the Youth Changemakers who led these projects and on the community they were directed to!

YWCA Québec - Centre Filles Mobile, Québec Québec

“I think that the girls are more aware that they have everything it takes to realize projects and be engaged in their community around causes that are important to them." – Youth Worker, Québec, 2020
“We see that the project is a success when we can see the place that youth start to take up when we create space and when we see the stars in their eyes when they realize that adults actually listen to them!” – Youth Worker, Québec, 2020
“This project really allowed them to realize they have the right to speak up and that even children can mobilize a community. It's something they will keep with them forever.” – Youth Worker, Québec, 2020

Lillooet Friendship center, Lillooet BC

“I am proud of the positive impact of our workshops and that people are more open to recycling, reducing and reusing single use plastic”. – Youth leader, Lillooet, 2020

L'Amie, Québec Québec

“I think children will remember their rights and how they are connected to their lives.” - Youth Worker, Québec, 2020

Maison des Enfants de St-Roch & Joujouthèque Basse-Ville, Québec Québec

"We transmit human rights values daily to children. When preparing my activities, it's now normal to think about how I will include the topics of human rights and values.” – Youth Worker, Québec, 2020

City of Surrey, BC

“Through the sharing of the digital version of the anti-bullying campaign, we were able to spread our story in the community. The reaction to our posts were very positive, and it seems that we were able to bring awareness to the issue of bullying and the effects it has.” - Youth Worker, Surrey, 2020