Let’s take it further: Ideas of next steps after realizing a CAP

August 3, 2020

Happy International Youth Day!

Today, August 12th, is the United Nation's International Youth Day! The theme for International Youth Day this year is “Youth Engagement for Global Action” and aims at highlighting the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching everyday realities and institutions, while also highlighting that youth engagement and representation at all levels of community should be significantly enhanced.

The Community Action Projects of 2019-2020 that we have been celebrating for the past week have shown just how much young people can enrich our everyday realities and institutions, particularly in their own communities. The Youth Changemakers who led these projects have worked hard to increase the access to rights of youth like themselves and for their entire communities. Equitas is honoured to have been able to work with all these Youth Changemakers.

The 2019-2020 Community Action Projects might be finished, but it doesn’t mean that youth engagement should stop with them. There are a lot of ways in which young people can stay engaged, whether it’s by pushing their CAP further or by staying engaged for diverse social causes. We wanted to share some ideas with you to help these youths achieve this!

Thanks to our amazing partners, we are able to able to share with you 2 types of opportunities: leadership opportunities for Youth Changemakers, and funding opportunities to create new projects or push yours further. Leadership opportunities support Youth Changemakers in learning skills and knowledge on how to pursue their important work in their communities. Funding opportunities will help youth financially with your projects.

Leadership Opportunities

Imagine New-Brunswick

Location: New Brunswick

Language(s): English and French

Age: High school youth

Description of the Opportunity: Intercultural youth leadership program for High school youth in New-Brunswick.

Visit: http://www.nb-mc.ca/imaginenb/

Chantiers Jeunesse

Location: Across Canada

Language(s): English and French

Age: 15-30

Description of the Opportunity: Program of cyber-volunteering for 15-30 year old youth in small groups.

Visit: https://www.cj.qc.ca/chantiers...

Institut du Nouveau Monde 1

Location: Montreal, Québec

Language(s): English and French

Age: 16 to 30.

Description of the Opportunity: The writing of a youth opinion on how we live together in society (?) (translated from: La rédaction d'un avis jeunesse sur le vivre ensemble ) by a group of 12 young people is a great opportunity to join a group of committed young people to reflect in depth on an issue identified jointly with the Quebec Minitry of Immigration, Frenchisation and Integration.

Visit: https://inm.qc.ca/avisjeunesse...

Institut du Nouveau Monde 2

Location: Montreal, Québec

Language(s): English and French

Age: 15 to 35.

Description of the Opportunity: To have the occasion to meet other youth leaders and to develop your own capacities and the capacities of your peers by exchanging with these youth leaders at conferences, round tables, and participatory workshops, all of which are facilitated by leading individuals in the subject field.

Visit: https://inm.qc.ca/ecole-ete-20...

Programme FER de la Fondation du Dr. Julien


Language(s): English and French

Age: 9 to 13.

Description of the Opportunity:Program ‘Familles-Enfants-Réseaux’ is a series of workshops available in 11 communities in Montréal that aims to provide youths living in precarious living circumstances with knowledge of human rights, peaceful communication methods, and social entrepreneurship.


Centre Communautaire Bon Courage

Location: Québec

Language(s): French

Description of the Opportunity: Leadership au pluriel aims to develop the leadership skills of young people from Black and cultural minority communities between the ages of 12 and 25, in order to raise their awareness of civic participation, develop their potential and put community projects into action.


Antyx Communtiy Arts

Location: Calgary, AB

Language(s): English

Description of the Opportunity: Various youth programming in Calgary for free for youth 12 to 24 years old to learn community-building, leadership, teamwork and collaborative arts skills


Sanctuary Students Solidarity and Support Collective (S4 Collective)


Language(s): English

Age: Secondary +

Description of the Opportunity:Offers youth in Ontario for whom immigration status and/or settlement stressors act, or have acted, as a barrier to accessing their secondary and post-secondary goals to join their youth group.

Visit: https://www.s4collective.org/students-1

Funding Opportunities

Chantiers Jeunesse

Location: Across Canada

Description of the Opportunity:The Social Entrepreneurship Coaching Program offers support and funding of up to $2500 for young people who wish to carry out projects.

Visit: https://www.cj.qc.ca/nos-programmes/chantiers-d-entrepreneuriat/

Taking it Global

Location:Across Canada

Description of the Opportunity:The #YouthInAction Grants offer youth aged 15 to 30 years old bursaries ranging from $250 to $1,500 to carry out community action projects.


The Push for Change

Location: Across Canada

Description of the Opportunity:The Promise Project aims to engage and empower youth to create a service based learning project that addresses and helps solve the critical issues that put youth at risk in their school or community, with a chance to win $5000.


Antyx Community Arts

Location: Calgary, AB

Description of the Opportunity: The Northern Lights Small Youth Grants provides youth with the opportunity to become actively engaged and involved within their community through grants to create unique projects that are designed to build a sense of community and encourage neighborliness.