Webinar - Top 5 Earth-friendly Tips

November 22, 2019

Our CAP event was a huge success and we learned a lot. Here are our Top 5 Tips we learned through our project.

Tip #1

Bring your own containers!

While we are all for the move to ban straws, we challenged ourselves to go a step further! Lots of businesses will serve you a drink in your own mug, and some even give a small discount. Another great way to reduce waste it to bring home those leftovers when you eat out. Even better, bring your own tupperware to bring that food home!

Tip #2

Hang your clothes to dry

Dryers use up lots of energy so why not try hanging your clothes to dry? The added benefit is that letting your clothes dry naturally extends their life. They will stay brighter and wear out slower since they won't be exposed to the high dryer heat.

Tip #3

Time to go treasure hunting!

On the topic of clothes...Vintage is in! Check out your local thrift store for some treasure hunting. Not only are thrift stores more affordable, but the impact on the planet is considerably lessened when we buy second hand clothing. We learned that producing new clothing uses tons of water. Check out this news article about the impacts of the fashion industry.

Tip #4

Go Veggie!

Have you ever considered trying out a vegetarian meal at least once a week? This helps alleviate the impact on the planet. The meat industry uses tons of water and land that could otherwise be saved or used to grow food for the 7 billion people on Earth. Check out this recipe for super yummy Cauliflower Burgers!

Tip #5

Take it one day at a time!

We learned that a lot of people in our community have a hard time affording everyday necessities like food and clothing. Sometimes helping the planet can be a luxury, as it can take a lot of time and money to make changes to your everyday lifestyle. Our group wanted to make sure that we didn't make anyone feel bad if they weren't able to try out new things.

And finally, here is a great Ted Talk from Greta Thunberg. We showed this video in our Club and it helped us learn more about the issues we are passionate about.