Webinar - Merryweather Highschool Earth Allies

November 26, 2019


For our CAP, we decided to host an event at our school. Our school traditionally does not discuss much about the environment and so we wanted to make sure that we brought up the topic with our classmates.


We invited all the staff at our school, and even invited the Superintendent to attend our event. We also invited staff from the partner organizations that sometimes run programs in our school. Our parents came as well!

Sculpture Making

We took in broken electronics for a sculpture making workshop for children. The purpose was for children to learn about how electronics work by using tools to take them apart. Once the pieces were broken down, we split up into teams to create futuristic sculptures. The sculptures were put on display in our school's library along with write-ups from our Earth Allies team about the impact of consumerism on our environment.


To keep our event green, we asked everyone to bring their own plate and cup. When the event was finished, we took the leftover food to a local shelter.


We wanted to amplify the voices of our Earth Allies youth team so we came up with our own speeches to give at the event. 5 youth from our group wrote on different topics related to the environment and shared facts that we learned throughout our CAP process. To see more about what they spoke about, check out our post on Webinar - Top 5 Earth-friendly Tips !


Everyone gave us great feedback and said that they really enjoyed the event. It was a nice way to share everything we learned and invite our community together. As a result of the event, our School Superintendent wrote us a letter to invite us to attend a Board meeting to share our learning and ask for a small budget for our Earth Allies group to continue to meet and host events and workshops for our community.