The highlights of the Speaking Rights National Youth Changemakers Forum 2019

May 29, 2019

Wow! The 2019 Speaking Rights National Youth Changemakers Forum was an emotional and fulfilling event! Over the three days, you met with Changemakers from across Canada, you shared your CAP journeys with influencers, decision-makers, and members of the Toronto community. You also acquired new skills during the workshop, including visual arts, blogging and storytelling. Finally, you participated in a "Facebook Take over"on Equitas Facebook page to share your key messages and amplify your voice.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

We invite you to watch this short video and immerse yourself in the highlights of these three days of activism for social change.

Amplify the impact of your successes by sharing this video on your networks; your organization's Facebook page or website, and your personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. For more pictures of the Forum click here.

Speaking Rights: the youth-led movement!

The 2018-2019 CAPs cycle is complete, but your role as a Changemaker is not ending! Together, we are the Speaking Rights movement, and collective impact of our actions is stronger. Together, we can contribute to building more equitable and inclusive communities from coast to coast to coast!
To amplify the impact of your actions, you can publish a blog on or share a photo representing your action on Instagram. Just tag the Instagram @SpeakingRightsEquitas account, and use the hashtag #SpeakingRights. These platforms allow us to track the actions you are leading in your community. This way we can share your successes with a wider audience, the Equitas Facebook page is followed by more than 10,479 people!


To be a Changemaker is also to be a resource person. Do you want to share your CAP experiences with others and be a mentor for future CAPs cohorts? Have you carried out actions with the Changemakers you met during the Forum? We invite you to share your experience in one of the Speaking Rights’webinars. If you are interested, send a message to

A thousand thanks

The Speaking Rights team would like to thank the influencers, decision-makers and members of the Toronto community who participated in the May 9, 2019 Community Event. Many thanks to the City of Toronto for providing us with a warm and dynamic space at the Trinity Community Recreation Centre. Thank you to all the partner organizations for your dedication to youth and for the transformative work you are facilitating in your communities. And finally, thank you, Changemakers, you are inspiring leaders and your activism shines from coast to coast to coast!

The Speaking Rights team!