speakingrights.ca: A tool to amplify your voice

February 1, 2019

The Equitas team is pleased to invite you to our first webinar; speakingrights.ca as tool to amplify your voice!

Being part of CAP group is a great way to engage youth in addressing issue in their community. However, we sometimes can lose the broader picture, that CAPs are being led by youth all over the country. Sharing your project on speakingrights.ca is great way to participate in the collective effort to change communities coast to coast to coast!

During this 90 minutes’ webinar we will explore how to use speakingrights.ca in the 5 steps process of your CAP to;

-Step 1 Motivate - Create a CAP page

-Step 2 Explore- Browse on the website to explore other CAPs and to build your knowledge on HR

-Step 3 Investigate - Engage with influencers, decision makers and mentors in your CAP

-Step 4 Take Action- Create an event for your CAP

-Step 5 Evaluate and Celebrate- Showcase your event and share your success

Also we will reflect on these specific questions:

- Why is speakingrights.ca an effective tool to amplify your voice?

-Why do you feel it is important to connect with influencers and decision makers?

This webinar will be hosted on Tuesday February 12th at 4:30 pm Eastern time. To RSVP please contact your CAP coach or: itlaude@equitas.org

Before attending the webinar, you need to have a log in (user name and password) on speakingrights.ca. If you need assistance you will find all the information on how to create an account in this video.

More information!

For the purpose of the webinar we will be using a fictional CAP group of the Pinetree afterschool club who is addressing the issue of mental health in their community.

CAP group:
The Pinetree Secondary School in Canada host’s an afterschool club every week. The club is for youth from different backgrounds to come together to share experiences, learn new things, play games and sports, and help the community. The group is excited to be preparing a Community Action Project. Together they are going to learn more about leadership, decision-making, creative thinking, and endorse responsibility. They are motivated to teach others in their community about children’s rights and amplify the voices of the youth in the community.

The issue:
Mental health and self-care: The issue in our community is around youth who are experiencing stress at school and at home. Youth don’t know a lot about mental health and wellbeing and how to take care of themselves when they are feeling sad or stressed. Some youth are finding it hard to express their feelings and to recognize emotions.

The change we want to see:

The Pinetree afterschool club hope the youth in the community will better understand mental wellbeing. They want to create awareness on around the difficulty that youth experience to have a better balance between school, family and other activities. All youth have the right to rest and should have access to resources that provide help and support in the community. The CAP group want to be able to use strategies to help youth de-stress. They also hope other youth will learn about the different resources in their community and know where to go when they need help, as well as how to help others.

The CAP:
The Pinetree afterschool club, will be hosting a mental wellbeing picnic! There will be stations at the picnic where participants can learn about healthy food and how it helps our mental wellbeing, participate in yoga and other sports activities, as well as have conversations with mental health professionals and resource people.

Thank you!