Native Montreal’s Youth Council Speaks Out About Systemic Racism and Discrimination in Montreal

August 6, 2019

Native Montreal’s Youth Council gathered on July 30th to answer to the City of Montreal’s call for voices to contribute to the public consultation on Systemic Racism and Discrimination.

In a workshop co-facilitated by Native Montreal and Equitas, the Youth Council shared their experiences of racism and the intersections with poverty, homelessness, mental illness, racial profiling, and bullying. ‘Landlords wont rent to you when you say you are on social assistance,' stated one participant, which makes finding safe and secure lodging that is not social housing very difficult. Members also talked about a lack of trust of the police, and never knowing if they would answer calls for help.
The lack of education about indigenous people in schools and communities was underlined as one of the root causes of these systemic barriers.
The group came up with nine concrete solutions including: better representation of Montreal’s diversity in public office, more alternative education programs to meet the needs of youth who learn differently, and better training on social issues including poverty and mental illness, for police.
Do you experience, see or hear about racism in Montreal? Do you have ideas about ways to reduce racism and discrimination? Tell the city what you think by organizing your own citizens’ activity! Find more details here:

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