Montreal to Gibsons: Training for Human Rights

October 4, 2019

From October 1st to 4th, two representatives from Native Montreal were invited to Gibsons, BC by Equitas to learn all about Speaking Rights, specifically, how to construct a Community Action Project (CAP) with a strong foundation in Human Rights. Our days were filled with in depth conversations about the social issues that impacted our communities across Canada and the great work of the other organizations present. Here are just three of the many lessons we will bring home with us:

1: How to construct a Community Action Project (CAP): We learned new tools to help us investigate and identify issues that matter to us and our community and a process to facilitate this work as a Youth Council.

2: Dismantling Assumptions: We need to create brave spaces to leave our comfort zones and gain more clarity.

3: The tree in the picture above is 8 to 9 hundred years old!