April 18, 2019


Mic Drop!
A youth-led safe space
Helping to educate youth. An all day youth forum focused on developing Advocacy skills in young people.

Showcasing the power and knowledge That prospers,

Within the activist community.

Organized by a group of young people Filled with passion and hope.

With our ambition,

We created a space For youth, By youth.

We heard the music of unity.

We felt the power of solidarity.

Education is powerful,

But even more so is access to education.

Youth are worth it.

Youth fight for the future.

We must be equipped with the tools that allow us to lead, Resist, and organize.

Space is rarely available for youth looking to enhance their advocacy skills. Especially in this difficult time, with attacks on adequate and inclusive education, youth-centered space is hard to come-by. A group of youth activists, along with help from The 519, spent their time spreading knowledge to young people. We took our ambition and used it to create a space filled with learning. We held a number of workshops during the day, helping youth learn about important issues that are so often not taught in schools. These workshops talked about building consent culture, human rights advocacy, decolonization and solidarity, standing up for sex-ed, and self-care. We remain commited to continuing this work --to creating spaces in which youth are able to develop their skills and ideas surrounding advocacy and organizing!