Feel, Think and Act

October 4, 2019

At our first Equitas training in Gibsons BC, we learned the process to share our PASSION, the ISSUE of concern, and to then create a community ACTION project combining each of those passions and issues.

For example, Takin paired up with another person to brainstorm:

1. the passion (written in the star shaped sticky note) for Chatting, Talking and Connecting with

2. the issue (written in a circle shaped sticky note) of Employment

3. to create an action project (written in the square shaped sticky note) to host a COMMUNITY DINNER where people looking for jobs and employers can meet and network together.

Mariko paired up with a partner had

1.Lego as a passion,

2. 2-Spirit Spaces as an issue,

3. created a Lego-Clamation Project idea that can take place in five stages:

1) story sharing among youth related to 2-spiritedness;

2)split into small groups of 3-5 people!

3) decide on a storyline with progressive sections /scenes;

4) create still scenes using mediums such as lego, clay, fabric, cardboard etc.

5) take series of photos, and

6) present and celebrate with a final show for the community!

These are examples of how we can connect our HEARTS with critical THINKING and to build HANDS-ON projects to share with our community.

We enjoyed these exciting creative three step practical process!!