Diversity Dialogue - Pinetree Club Mental Well-being Tips

February 5, 2019

Pinetree Club learned a lot from our mental well-being picnic CAP event. Youth from our club put together some tips for taking care of our mental health that we learned from the different community resources invited to our event. Read on to see what we learned!

Tip #1 - Ask for help.

If you aren't feeling yourself, tell a trusted adult what's up. They might know where you can go to get help.

Tip #2 - Stay Active

Get your friends together for a game of capture the flag - that's what we did! We learned that staying active helps your brain just as much as your body.

Tip #3 - Eat Well

We know, chips are delicious. But one of the most important things we learned is that certain types of food feed your brain and really help with your mental health. The best and easiest tip we learned is to try and eat as many different kinds of fruits and vegetables as you can - eat the rainbow!

Tip #4 - Participate!

One thing we are really committing to is getting out into our community to try new things. It can be scary at first, but finding opportunities to make new friends and learn new things can really change your outlook. You never know what kinds of activities might be out there that can help you de-stress.

Tip #5 - Remember, You Aren't Alone

Mental health affects us all, at some point in our lives, and it can be extra tough when you are a youth. We have a lot going on, and it's important to remember that others out there understand what you are going through.

Do you have other tips or resources to share? Comment on our post below!