Diversity Dialogue - Pinetree Club CAP

February 5, 2019

Mental Well-being Picnic

The Pinetree Club hosted a mental wellbeing picnic on Saturday July 30th. The event was a great success!

Learning Booths

The picnic included different booths where community resource centres could share information. We had organizations ranging from health centres to yoga studios to share tips and information on how to take care of your mental well-being, as well as the different types of services and programs they offered and how youth can register.

Get Moving Workshops

The picnic included different active workshops for youth to participate in throughout the day. There was a yoga class as well as other physical activity sessions, including a huge game of capture the flag to end the day.


We had a speaker from a health centre open up the picnic to share the different types of places youth can go in the community when they need help. The places include counselling centres, health centres, and afterschool clubs and programs.

We also had a nutritionist who spoke about the important benefits of a healthy diet and the types of foods that can boost your energy and mood.

The speakers spent the day with us so that youth could chat with them about anything that came to mind.


We invited youth from our school to attend the picnic. We also invited our teachers and school administration to attend. Our group leader also shared the event invitation with other community organizations who were interested in bringing their youth to the event. We had over 75 youth attend the event, and 25 adults who came to show their support for youth and their mental well-being.

What's Next?

Our group is planning to take our project idea back to our school and ask our administration to make the event happen each year.

We discovered that many younger youth at our school were struggling with stress and so we want to see this type of event happen every September. We learned about all the resources available in our community and so we will make it into a list that can be shared with new students entering our school community.

We also recognized how important it is to have fun with each other and so we hope to include lots of physical activity opportunities for youth to make friends and destress.