Connecting Coast to Coast

October 4, 2019

A powerful part of the Equitas training Speaking Rights, has been the connection and story telling among the youth participants. By coming together in one space; from all over the country, the similarities we share as youth change makers is wild.

A very key moving part that was uncovered was the learning and sharing of stories among the indigenous youth. Learning and hearing about the communities we are coming from. Discussing our culture, language, and changemaking happening in our communities. One community standing up for the Moose in efforts to protect them, while others where standing up and acting for the water on each coast. Also sharing the different ways our communities celebrate culture; through dance and arts.
The connections made in this training are very important, as it allows us to feel connected and grounded knowing other youth across the countries are doing similar, but different, amazing work across Canada. Together all working towards creating a better world for all Canadians.