Burnaby Children's Charter is Presented to Burnaby City Council for Endorsement

November 11, 2019

On November 4th, three children presented the Burnaby Children's Charter to the Burnaby City Council for endorsement. Burnaby Children's Community Table (BCCT), in partnership with Equitas, developed this Children's Charter, as well as an Action Planning Guide, to help organizations in Burnaby better implement this new charter.

The Burnaby Children’s Community Table is a collaborative group of community service providers that serve Burnaby children and families. The table includes representatives from the City of Burnaby; Fraser Health; Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services; the Burnaby Public Library; Ministry for Children and Family Development; the Burnaby School District; Equitas International Centre for Human Rights Education; and the United Way of the Lower Mainland. They created this charter by consulting with approximately 250 children between the ages of 0 - 12 across Burnaby communities.

This is an inspiring example for other municipalities on how to include the voices of children in programs, policies and decision making processes!

The city of Burnaby also proclaimed November 20th National Child Day in Burnaby, as seen below!