Pledge For Positivity

April 12, 2018

The Surrey Changemakers up the idea of hosting an educational event for their entire school to help spread the message of positivity and get students to dedicate themselves to being a part of a change. The youth painted a mural on a canvas banner with the message “Pledge for Positivity” where students are welcome to pledge what they will do for their community that will ultimately help create a more inclusive and positive school atmosphere. The girls collaborated with a graphic designer and developed a logo of many hands holding a megaphone to represent our speaking rights as youth. They wanted to showcase how many people from all backgrounds should come together to make a real difference in the community. Our Changemakers also partnered with the Boy's Group in the school and worked together during the planning process. They worked so well together during the event. It was wonderful to see the youth collaborating in such a positive way.

The pledge banner was hung at the front entrance of the school where staff and students were asked to write a pledge for their community. Many staff and decision makers, including administrative staff and school district personnel, were invited to contribute to the pledge board to increase the participation in the community. We had around 450 students pledge to make a change in their community. This was a huge success for our students!

Our project helped make a positive impact in our community by giving a voice to the students of LA Matheson. In a community that is struck with gang violence and instability, it was important to shed light on the positive change that the next generation pledges to bring. By giving the space for students to discuss their goals for a more positive community, our group allowed them to speak their truth and plan for a better future.