“My Indigenous Culture” workshop

May 8, 2018

Are you a school, organization or community interested in holding a workshop for youth?

Quebec Native Women’s (QNW) latest interactive workshop, “My Indigenous Culture”, will be offered in English or in French, and is free of charge anywhere in the province of Quebec. The workshop is easily adaptable to your location, schedule and needs.

With hands-on activities, short films and social media, QWN is using an innovative approach to promote Indigenous cultural understanding. The workshop will teach youth how to use the values and practices of Indigenous culture to resolve conflict and improve overall wellbeing. We will also highlight resources and support available to youth and youth workers.

If you would like to book a workshop, please contact Jennifer Brazeau, Project Manager in Bullying Prevention, by email at jbrazeau@faq-qnw.org or by phone at 1-800-363-0322, ext. 230.