Love Yourself Video Project

April 27, 2018

In the beginning stages of the project we led the youth in a brainstorm in each category on what it means to: Love yourself, Express yourself, and to be yourself and as a result of that brainstorm, youth identified that there are a lot of barriers in the way that prevent them from feeling safe to be themselves. We decided to make a video sharing our voices and experiences to educate others.

We invited three very important people to speak with the youth on their project to further it more. A staff from Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre along with an elder from her organization came to speak to the youth about culture and lead a smudging ceremony. She explained to the youth that it is their right to be in any culture or religion but also show them that she can share hers with them.

Lastly, we had someone from the Canadian Mental Health Association do a slide show presentation on Mental Health and present resources through their organization that youth in and from care have access to but give them the knowledge in case any services they may need in case they were to feel depressed or concerned that their safety isn’t been looked out for.

These three people had an impact on the youth’s project by making them think outside the box and further their ideas that it is okay to share and respect other people’s choices and religious beliefs.

The youth hope the video will make a positive difference in their community by stopping prejudices, stigmas, and stereotypes as a “a youth in care” and by changing the labeling from being in care but to increase awareness that youth in care shouldn’t always be judged as soon as they tell someone that they are in care.