“Life of a Newcomer”

April 4, 2018

Poem “Life of a Newcomer” written by Mary Joy Siscar, Grade 12 student at John Oliver Secondary School, Youth Changemaker from Vancouver School Board’s Engaged Immigrant Youth Program

“Language, I know how to speak and write
but I’m afraid to talk,
Because I’m scared that people might laugh,
and I’ll be mocked.

English is not my first language,
And it’s amazing because I can still manage.
Don’t be afraid and let your voice be heard
Because inside of you, there’s a powerful word.

As a newcomer, I’m afraid to try new things.
I’m scared of everything, but I still opened up my wings.

I set my goal and I try and try,
Then leaped so high to touch the sky.
I told myself that there’s no reason to cry,
And I let go of my fears and waved goodbye.”