What is a precarious migrant youth?

December 2, 2017

Newcomer youth face a wide variety of challenges as they try to navigate their new society and make it their home. For youth living in Canada with some form of temporary status (refugee claimants, temporary foreign workers, international students, visitors, etc.) without any status at all, these challenges become much more intensified and severe. These youth are denied access to important and necessary services: healthcare, education, employment support, settlement services, safe housing and so on. Moreover, precarious migrant youth are often invisibilized, and feel that they need to hide their identities as newcomers, as they are constantly under the threat of detention, deportation or exploitation. The majority of these youth are here due to conditions or situations beyond their control, even though it's a popular misconception that they are here to take advantage of Canada's generosity. This causes many service providers to mistreat, misdirect or neglect these communities. Thus, these youth often feel as outcasts, unimportant or undeserving of services and supports. A main component of our project is to raise more awareness of these issues, and shift negative viewpoints of precarious migrant youth.