Life experiences of being in care.

December 2, 2017

For Jonhnathan growing up in child and family services care has never been easy. In high school he was always being labeled that he doesn’t have a family. He doesn’t have money for clothing, and was always bullied for being the “bad child” in his family. Johnathans experiences growing up in care really shaped who he is today !!! Johnathan now works as a youth outreach worker working directly with youth in and from care. Voice’s Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network hopes from Children’s life experiences that their project regarding Identity and growing up in care in relation to human rights will help them self-identify their chosen identity and be proud of who they are. Both Amber and Johnathan share the same views when it comes to Youth in and from Care having a voice. Amber does not have any personal life experience of being in care but she understands the barriers that youth from care face and want’s them to be able to freely express their identity without prejudice or harm.

Johnathan and Amber.